Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Wut a Ramadhan for me diz summer. After not seeing each other for quiet a very long time, I met with my long-time-no-see frenz and we had great talks. After Terawih prayer, we went for drinks at warung for 2 consecutive nights. We talked about each other experiences as most of us study overseas. India, United Kingdom, Republic Czech, Russia, Egypt etc. Talking for hours but with only one cup of Tongkat Ali.

We have been frenz since primary school,since 1996 exact, after half a year I moved from Johor to Terengganu. We live in the same "Kampung Alor Lintang". So, it's been a long time we share diz inseparable relationship and wonderful moments. During our primary schools, we were so close. Playing badminton in the evening, cycling, fishing, catching birds during weekends, terjun lombong,redah paya etc. We are the modern 'kampung boys'.

I hope diz friendship never ends though my family will move to Teluk Intan next year. I hope we still can see each other in the future and talk,talk and talk about anything.

Now, I have lots of frenz. Tengku Mahmud School, Q-Ber, JAD. Together we go through all the obstacles. No matter where we are,where on earth we stand, where the sky we stay under, we still have our frenz somewhere in diz world and also in our heart. We also have ALLAH by our side. Never break diz friendship.

Dari kiri : Matle (Japan), Hazwan (UK), Pok Jat (India), Afif (UK)

Kita berjumpa kerana takdir
Kita berkawan kerana kasih
Kita bersama kerana hati
Kita berpisah kerana cita-cita
Kita kekal kerana kuatnya ukhwah
Kita bertelingkah kerana harga sebuah ikatan
yang paling penting semuanya KERANA ALLAH
Bukan mudah untuk kita berkawan
Bukan mudah untuk kekalkan
Bukan mudah untuk teruskan
Bukan mudah sehingga kini
Semoga ALLAH kekalkan persahabatan ini....AMIN

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9n0L4 said...

bersahabat kerana Allah. insha Allah. ;)