Tuesday, September 23, 2008

KeLuaNgMaN VS DoRaeMoN????

This is not a story bout a fight between Keluangman and Doraemon. Actually it’s a symbolic of fasting in Malaysia vs Japan. This year I experienced both, half in Malaysia and another half in Japan and the difference is too big.

In Malaysia, we have bazaar Ramadhan. Much food that can’t be found during other season except Ramadhan can be found such as ayam percik, kerabu perut, ayam madu etc. I tried every single food that can only be found in Malaysia during Ramadhan so that I won’t regret my ‘Cuti-Cuti Malaysia’. When I broke my fast outside, I had to get ready at least at 6 pm so that I managed to get place in the restaurant like McDonalds, Kenny Rogers, Pizza Hut. But, there was once I failed and had to perform solah first before breaking my fast. All restaurants were full, shoganai na. I ate too many in Malaysia that I gain 11 kg.

-At home-


-Kenny Rogers-

In Japan, I usually break my fast with bread and milk first with my fellow Tokai’s friends. Then we perform solat Maghrib together. After finishing our solat, then we eat for real in tray a.k.a. dulang. The meals are not as I had in Malaysia but the spirit of Ramadhan can be seen when breaking fast together. Subuh is usually at 4 a.m that we have to wake up very early in order not to miss sahur. But, after Subuh, we sleep till noon :p

-Iftar in Japan-

p/s : We are gonna celebrate our first Raya in Japan, apart from our family. Don’t know what is going to happen that day and don’t want to think bout it for the time being. The Embassy is under renovation rite now. Hmmm….But, thanks to Shirin Sensei for raya cookies. Ntah bile la baru habis semua ni.


oiyour said...

sedih siot raye kat perantauan..huhuhuhuhahahuahauhauha

aReLaN said...

mcm ak tak rye perantauan je.hahaha

Hana said...

sbnrnye Ramadhan kat nihon lagi bagus kot. ajar manusia erti bersederhana. jyanai?

aReLaN said...

nk kte bersederhana pn tak gk rsenya.jd sederhana kt jpon sbb bnda yg blh tu tak byk.klu byk takde pn sederhana tu.mst lbh krg cm mlysia gk.desyou?????

9n0L4 said...

huihhhh. tidor sampai tgh hari? huhu. kurang pahala. :)