Tuesday, April 21, 2009

健康診断 a.k.a MeDiCaL cHecK-uP

Today, I woke up late due to lack of sunlight (rainy day) & I didn't have any classes to attend. But then, remembering that I still didn't take my 健康診断, I forced myself to go to 大学 (university) in the rain but I just don't wanna bring my umbrella.

But before going for my medical check-up, I had my lunch & walked around. When I entered the 5号館, I thought there were no students taking medical check-up today but I was totally wrong. I was alone during the X-Ray test but when I went to the 2nd floor for other test, it was so crowded. First, urine test. I hate urine test in Japan becoz the toilet here only had the standing-still-pissing-outside toilet for men. I juz dun like pissing like dat. Hahaha....

After that, took the blood pressure test, height & weight measure, eye test & final check. I felt a bit weird when the examiner told I had great vision though dat I just 'tembak' when it came to the tiny letters. I got 1.5 for my left sight & 1.5 for my right sight. I gained 1 mm (173.1 cm) in my height & I loss more than 5 kg since I came back from Malaysia from 80 kg to 74.3 kg.

Had to wait till 12th May to get the full result & approvement letter in order to be used for my yet-not-starting job hunting.


Asmiza Azmi said...

lose weight??
tipu2 tu.....

dharmiza said...

aku x phm care diorg check mate!
aku dpt 0.2 for left, 0.3 for right. apekah itu???

kyo_9 said...

belah kanan ak dapat 1.5 gak.. tp blah kiri ak dapat 1.2 .. great vision?

odah said...

ak pkai contact lense bru dapat kiri 1.5 kanan 1.5..haha
maksudnye salmi ko rabun sket due2 blah mate..
saido rabun sebelah..hahaha

aReLaN said...

asmiza->jgn jeles.ak ni jnis sng nek n sng trun brt bdn.hohoh

salmi->ak pn xphm.kt mlysia 6/6 ak tau la.

saido->ko mmg rabun kiri la saido.

odah->ak men tembak je smpi tang kecik tu.nsib bek btul.hahaha