Friday, May 29, 2009

CaN'T sTaND DiZ aNy LoNGeR.......

Got email from J-Tech Corp that they won't take any foreign students to work with them. If they won't then why did they announce about recruiting foreign student at the first time. Stop diz bulls*** man. Realizing that I've spent a lot of money in order to work in Japan, sometimes I feel like wanna give up.

Graduating from a department well-known for its high percentage of recruitment into giant automotive company likes Toyota, Honda, Nissan & Mazda will not be the same like the already graduated senpais from the same department. Due to the unexpected slow down in cars selling around the world except for China which is still increasing year after year, recruitment into automotive company seems to be impossible as some company don't recruit any new worker for next year. Even Perodua & Proton didn't came during the MSAJ Career Fair last golden week.

Should I just stop my job hunting here & go straight back to Malaysia after graduating. I juz wanna stay longer here, working for a few years, expose myself to Japanese working environment & after that I will think of going back to Malaysia. Hope that I can do it. YA ALLAH, give me strength to face all diz.

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