Tuesday, May 26, 2009

aNotHeR TiRiNg WeeKeND.....

On Saturday evening, I went to play basketball at Haruhino where I usually play futsal there with some Tokaians & Meijians. Playing basketball with other Malaysian students in Japan was quiet rare for me except when we were in Hachioji seminar house. I usually play basketball during my basketball classes in Tokai.

Playing basketball for an hour was far more tiring than playing futsal for 3 hours. I thought I wanna vomit during the game. If MSAJ is about to hold a basketball competition, than we'll be the first team to participate, basketball version of 東明=TOMEI(東海+明治). After basketball, went to Machida with Totoro, shopping some computer stuffs. Totoro went back to his house while I waited for my girl to eat at Sweets Paradise. The first time I ever ate so many cakes.

Sunday evening, Tokai Premier League in the rain. The first time I failed to score this season & bolos 1 goal. The opposition team had Oiyour in their lineups making it almost impposibble to score. My Sunday night continue with loafing at Saizeriya, bowling & karaoke. So many calories burned.Too exhausted. I cancelled my 就活 with J-Tech Company & booked for another date.

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