Thursday, May 7, 2009

FuTsaL KuJ 2009

1st May 2009, the start of my Golden Week. Nothing to do at first but on 2nd May, the KUJ (Kelab UMNO Jepun) Futsal Competition came to raise the GW spirit among Malaysian student futsaler around Japan. Teams competed came even from Hokkaido, Ibaraki & Nagaoka.

As from JAD, we sent 3 teams, Tomei (collaboration of Tokai & Meiji), Hachioji A & Hachioji B. From my point of view & also some others, the 6 minutes playing time was no enough. I am a hard-to-warm-up kind of athlete. In 6 minutes, I wouldn't heat up yet. That was why we only manage to score 1 goal from 5 matches. Draw 0-0 in 3 matches, win 1-0 against our own kouhais & lost 0-1 which was a bit unlucky becoz the goal came when the kick from the opponent player stroke Shahrin's butt, confusing our great goalkeeper, Shairam.

Realizing we couldn't go to the semi final, we packed our bags & lepak at Takudai students' house. Went for dinner at Papageno (Italian food eat-as-much-as-you-can restaurant). Played bowling at that night. After bowling & performing our Isya' prayer, the Tokaians player went back to Tokai. Slept till noon the next day.

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aReLaN said...

hate of becoming tired due to resting a lot more that due to playing a lot.