Thursday, May 7, 2009

MsaJ CaReeR FaiR 2009

On 5th May, the MSAJ Career Fair came. It was held at Curian Building in Oimachi. Took about 1 hour & a half from Tokai by train. Came in full suit made us look like 社会人. Group from Tokai (Becko, Sheera, Apiz & me) arrived an hour early, went to conveniece store to buy breakfast & some tools. The other JAD students arrived just a few minutes after that. But, as expected from JAD students, always do our job during the final minutes.( Masa tulah nak fotostat resume, nak potong gambar, nak lekat gambar etc)

*Towards syakaijin*

The company that attracted my intention the most was Tokushima. This company planned to build a silicon producing factory in Miri, Sarawak & it is in need of worker among Malaysian Japanese graduates. The factory will start it construction next year & will finish in 2 years time. During that 2 years, we will undergo a training in Yamaguchi, means that we will have the opportunity to stay longer in Japan. I only went to Canon Opto, Panasonic & Tokushima, filling the Pasona & JAC forms.

*Mat Anep lost from Korea*

*JAD at Career Fair*

So tired & hungry that we planned to go to a Thai restaurant in Shin Okubo but if we all JAD students went there, it wouldn't have enuff space to accomodate us. So, 20 students went to Shin Okubo, the others went to Saizerya & 2x2=8 in Shimokitazawa. Though I lived in Kanagawa, this was my first time going to Shin Okubo. Shame on me. As it it a HALAL restaurant, I ordered 2 meals but only 1 arrived. Not wanting to make others outside waiting longer, after finishing our meals, we paid our bills & went back home.


But, I was too tired to go back to Tokai. So, stayed another night in Takudai, watching football match between MU & Arsengal. Glad my team win. YA-HA!!!!!!!!


kyo_9 said...

daen!!! as expected from JAD students? hahaha, ayat x menahan..

aReLaN said...

hahaha...bdk kte je ak nmpk gelabah pg tu.

Allenali said...

hihi..mmg..hari tu nk g hari tu la nk amek gmbr..hari tu la nk print..hari tu la nk kemas kini..hihi..JAD student da mon~

aReLaN said...

sheera->dh terbiasa sgt ngan budaya gtu.hahaha

eRLeEn said...

sengal laa arsenal..3-0 eik??

aReLaN said...

eln->apa lak.3-1 la.hohoho

Hidet said...


good luck.dah dapat kerja lum ni?


aReLaN said...

hidet->salam.belum lg.still mencari.