Saturday, May 16, 2009

HePi TeacHeR's DaY

Wanna use diz opportunity to wish all the teachers & lecturers HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY. With all my heart, thank you so much for everything u've done to me & for making me become who I am rite now. Without you, I won't be here, in Japan. Without you, I won't enter varsity life. Without you, I won't pass my SPM, PMR & UPSR with flying colors. I will never ever forget all the sacrifices & everything u've done as long as I live. Insya-ALLAH. I also wanna apologize for not being such a good student. Sometimes I make you worry, sometimes I make u feel sad & angry. Sorry for everything.

Special thanks to Kak Shirin, Teacher Asliaty, Cikgu Zuraida, Ustazah Azni, Cikgu Bad, Cikgu Sapijah, Cikgu Wan Rosli, Teacher Mazlidah, Arwah Cikgu Haniza dll.

You can be a soldier & protect lives
You can be a lawyer & defend lives
You can be a doctor & save lives
You chose to be a TEACHER & touch lives

A song for all teachers. Sorry, a bit outdated but I still luv diz song.


Allenali said... pulak dgr lagu tu~
ko g tgk basketball ke mlm td?sian fatin busan ek kat uma aku bc status ym die..hihi

aReLaN said...

sheera->mne ade ak mgg dpn.hahaha