Monday, May 18, 2009

My WeeKeND

Due to the not-so-good weather recently, I thought I would juz rest in my room. But then, got invitation to eat satay at Cbora. Planned at about 3 a.m. & wanna go at 7 a.m. Of course I wouldn't make it. I woke up at 8. The 大宮祭 started at 10 & going there by train take us about 2 hours. I went there with Fatin only. From the Higashi Omiya, took the free shuttle to Cbora Dai. When we arrived, the Cbora students were still setting up the fire & counter.

*Professional Haji Shibauri satay maker*

*Menu line-up*

I got the chance to taste it first & it was so good. The student sold them in set type along with nasi goreng, nasi impit, sirap bandung etc. The price was quiet expensive if you convert it as 3 satay would cost you 500yen=RM19. But it was reasonable in Japan. Customers kept coming like river flowing so fast. They even waited for the nasi goreng to be ready & line up as it ran out early & the chef had to prepare more & more nasi goreng. Seeing such atmosphere made me wanna do the same during Tokai 建学際 around October. The event was actually cancelled due to the rain expected to come but then was held back. It was dark & windy.

*Penjaga kaunter mesra alam*

The event planned to end at 4 pm had to end earlier at 2.30 pm. So, Fatin & I went back to our house at 2 pm so that I managed to play football. The Meiji students came so it was a waste of time if we didn't play though it was raining. Planned to play bowling at night but then cancelled. Daimp....I even brought my bowling shoes to Shairam's house.


kyo_9 said...

kanji けんがく ko salah.. :)

Cbora lagi.. adoii=

aReLaN said...

saido->betul la.tu kanji kengakusai ktorg menurut kalendar tahunan yg dai bg.hahaha...

Hidet said...


Wah..bestnye berniaga.
Byk tak dapat untung tahun ni?


aReLaN said...

hidet->salam.untung byk tu kna tnye tokey la.