Monday, June 29, 2009

My LaSt saTuRDaY HoLiDaYiNg.....

Last Saturday was my last Saturday I could enjoy as starting from diz week, I'll be doing my part time job of 'kutip sampah'. 9 days minimum diz July will guarantee me 90000yen addition to my pocket.

So, for the last Saturday, I went to 桜木町= Sakuragichou with Fatin. Planned to depart at 8.30 but late 30 minutes. Rode train all the way. It was so hot as it is alreay summer in Japan.We started with purikura (first timepurikura together). We walked around to see the exhibitons of 150 years of Yokohama Port but then didn't enter any of them because it would cost us some money. Went to 赤レンガ倉庫and then had our lunch at Subway. After finish eating, performed Zuhur prayer at the stairs & went to 山下公園 & 中華街 (Chinatown). As it had became less hot, we went back to the Porters for Asar prayer and rode the Cosmo Clock. I am afraid of height that I juz sat quitely there.

Then, had our dinner in an Italian Restaurant, eat as much as you can for 2100 yen each person. Wanted to eat at Surabaya actually but because we were extremely hungry, we decided to eat at the Italian one. Empty spaces in my stomach became so full that I barely could stand and walk.

Our final destination, 大さん橋 (Oosanbashi). Night view from 大さん橋 was so beautiful. The place recommended by Nana senpai. 海と都市のkissする場所 ( a place where sea & city kiss). Enjoying the nite view accompanied by the wind, ships' sound, moonlight etc. We went back home at about 10 pm. So tired yet so much fun.

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