Monday, June 22, 2009

tHe ReSuLt CaMe BuT uNDeR TaRgeT

Get to campus early this morning & went straight away to Language Department to obtain my TOEFL ITP result slip. I put my target at 600 point but then got lower than targeted. Only 10 point to get 600 point. 590 point due to the low point from the structure & written expression.

A lil but frustrated but its okay. At least I pass Malaysian average of 550 point. Besides, I never take any English class to prepare for this test. The tiredness & sleepiness of taking test at 5 pm after one day staying at the lab.

I'll try to score higher in my next attempt & I think I wanna take the real TOEFL which is internet based in Japan. Gotta practice my English more.


kyo_9 said...

pergh.. mantap giler~

aReLaN said...

saido->ak rse cam bangang je tak dpt 600.hahaha

tun izyan dalila said...

It is said that those who can get higher than 550 marks in TOEFL-PBT can understand 6000 words in English and those who has 600 marks can understand more than 10000 words.

tapi hebat gak lah your marks. (^^,)