Monday, October 26, 2009

aNotHeR WeeKeND.....

It was so cold & windy outside, making us feeling so lazy to get out of the futons. No football nor futsal today. Juz staying in Becko's house, surfing the net & playing PES. Went back home when it was almost Maghrib.

*Dinner set 1250 yen*

*Briyani mutton 900 yen*

After Maghrib & Isya, got a call from Roy telling dat we r gonna eat at Sakura & then play bowling. The food here is so delicious yet not so expensive. Stayed there till 10 before moving to bowling arena.

*Band rockers*

*Dunno wut to say*

But, tonite's game was out of performance due to the over-full stomach. Had to use lighter ball in exchange to the weight I had to hold of myself. But we had fun. Bowling for only 600 yen for 3 games, enuff for practice. One thing I've learn is dat never play bowling when u r totally full. It will only distract u. Juz have less than a month towards MSAJ Bowling & Futsal Tournament. Gotta prepare to get rumble man....

*Future graduates of Tokai+Meiji+Takudai*


Shera Nasir said...

marilah practise utk tpurnament ituuu..hihi

aReLaN said...

shera->dlm mgg last tu nk gi hri2 pn tkpe.hohohoh