Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BLeDisLoe CuP : aLL BLacKs vs WaLLaBies

For the first time in my life, I watched a rugby match live in front of my eyeballs & it was between All Blacks against the Wallabies. Jaha & I had no tickets when we arrived at the stadium. We gambled ourselves to get them. Wanna buy the cheapest ticket worth 7000 yen but then it was sold out even before the ticket counter was opened at 2.30 pm. So, we bought the Category 4 ticket which cost us 12000 yen. We didn't bother about the money as long as we could enjoy the match. Then, had to queue before the gate was opened at 3 pm. Many foreigners came to see the match especially from Australia & New Zealand.

*The 12000 yen worth of ticket*

We were so lucky to get a good sight of the match. Before kick-off at 5.30 pm, some kids showed us the tag rugby but it was not so fun. No tackle, no body contact, no kick which means it wasn't rugby at all.

*Kick-off by the Wallabies*

We stood up when both respectful national anthems were performed by singers from their countries. After that, heard some short speech from JFRU President & also Jonah Lomu, a living All Blacks legendary giant winger. Haka performed by All Blacks & the match started with a kick-off from the Wallabies. The match was full with enthusiasm but not so many tries. Only 3 tries as I remembered. All Blacks won over the Wallabies 32-19.

*Full siot*

I was so tired & went straight back home but then Becko & others invited me for futsal. I refused it. Returned from futsal, they asked me to join them to karaoke. I juz couldn't refuse it anymore. Karaoke till subuh. Very tired. Slept from 6.30 am till 8.30 only. Damn I was exhausted.


kyo_9 said...

pergh.. life giler hidop kt tokai~

aReLaN said...

saido->nilah life kami warga tokai.hohohoh...duit mengalir bagaikan air.nsb bek ade duit masuk.klu tak mmg fakir miskin wa ckp lu