Thursday, April 28, 2011


Received an e-mail & sms regarding the Energizer Night Race 2011. Due to complaints received because of very bad organization, Energizer apologized and promised to refund the entry fees and distribute certificates, medals, finishers' T-shirts, headlights & gifts to all registered participants which mean I who already got my goodies bag will received one more set of everything stated above & get my RM 65 back.

But, all those things will not please us. The event sucks like hell. Only 4 water stations for 21km though it was stated there would be one water station in 3-4 km. And not all stations still have water when most runners arrived. No sponge, no spray, lack of control by police, so many runners used short cut (I think there were for the 5.5km run. Shame on all of you. Not real runners at all). Timings also messed up. The time recorded was until the first loop of SIC, not after the real finish time. 

But everything's over already. All organizers and sponsors should have learn something from these. Hope for a better race next time or else people will shout "Duracell!Duracell!",again,  like they did that night.


kyo_9 said...

sadis giler air x cukup?! kalo ak sure dah mati kehausan kot waktu lari tuh..

aReLaN said...

saido->ak pn terseksa nk dpt air.nk amek pnye la rmi.knfem la ak stop berlari bru leh amek.skali stop,pastu mle la nk stop je keje.hahaha

QasehnyaRania said...

done klik ur maxis