Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NexT coMPaNy.....ToKuYaMa

Got emel from Tokuyama saying that my entry was accepted & have to come to the company's seminar on 3rd July. Really hoping to get job with Tokuyama as I can extend my stay in Japan for another 2 years but have to move to Yamaguchi for training if I am accepted. After 2 years, had to back to Malaysia & work in Samalaju, Sarawak at a newly-built power plant of silicone.

2 years are not long enough for me in Japan as JAD is 3 years back in Malaysia. Extending my stay will give me more opportunity wo explore Japan though I know that I'll be busy with my training in Yamaguchi. Only if I suppose to be accepted.........


kyo_9 said...

good luck aa..
pelik gak nape ak x dipanggil..
rezeki masing2~

tun izyan dalila said...

omedetou. ganbatte (^^,)

aReLaN said...

saido->sabar2.nnt dia pggl kot.bdk2 len kt sni pn lmbt sket dpt emel tu.


eRLeEn said...

ap2 pn rslt..smue ditgn Allah..
yg pntg usaha!solat hajat jgn lpe..
*wink* hope abg can do it!