Monday, October 12, 2009

KaNTou CoLLeGiaTe BasKeTBaLL LeaGue

Saturday 10 th October 2009, I had nothing to do at home. So, I decided to watch a basketball match between my college, Tokai Univ against Chuo Univ. The game started at 4.20 pm but I went earlier to see other match while waiting for my team's match-up. This was our home game that we need not to pay anything to watch it.

Actually this was my 1st time watching official basketball match live in front of my own eye balls. The atmosphere was overwhelming, full with cheering, musics & songs you would never expected to be played in Japan especially rap from the western side just like when you go to an NBA game. Posters of each Tokai Seagulls players were tagged. It looked likes there were all superstar of Tokai Univ.

Tokai leaded during the 1st & 2nd quarter but then Chuo managed to chased us due to their 3-pointers' accuracy. We were left behind during the 3rd quarter but then the 4th quarter brought the best out of them in order to bring Seagulls to glory.

The match was so aggressive with tons of fouls, hustle, layup etc. Seagulls leaded back during the final 1 minutes & retained it to win the match 83-81.
I trully hoped I can see such match again but then the next day, Chuo Univ beat us which show us the way out from the All Japan Inter Collegiate Championship. 残念だったな。。。

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